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Carpet Cleaning Costa Mesa has been serving Costa Mesa residential and business carpet cleaning clients for over a decade. Family owned and operated, our licensed carpet technicians are dedicated to providing superior cleaning and customer service at unmatched cleaning results for all types of carpet, tiles, and upholstery. Each of our cleaning trucks is equipped with the most innovative high-powered steam cleaning equipment.

Costa Mesa Carpet Cleaning

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Additionally, we use Eco-friendly cleaning products, and our skilled carpet technicians are often able to restore even the dirtiest carpets back to like-new condition once again.


Carpet Cleaning Costa Mesa uses the most current technology – high-powered, truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment. Our equipment will get your carpets cleaned, even stained and hard to clean carpets will be cleaned. Thoroughly trained and certified technicians use the best cleaning equipment, along with the most efficient cleaning methods to give each customer a deep and thorough cleaned carpet that will dry very fast. You will be so glad we cleaned your carpets. We will get rid of allergens, dust mites, bacteria and other pollutants that are hiding out in your carpeting.

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Costa Mesa Residential Carpet Cleaning

Benefits of Our Carpet Cleaning Include:

• Prolong the life of your carpet and furniture with regular and thorough cleanings to avoid premature wear-and-tear along with expensive replacement costs. We recommend having your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year.

• For allergy sufferers, get relief from allergens and other pollutants. We steam clean and sanitize eliminating and killing billions of hidden carpet critters including dust mites. It isn’t healthy for you or your family to be around and inhale allergens, pollutants, and bacteria.

• Improve the air quality indoors once your carpets have been thoroughly cleaned.

• Environmentally safe cleaning products used to help keep your environment clean and healthy. Plus, the products are safe for children, pets and the rest of your family.

• Get rid of carpet odors caused by pets, food, and traffic.

• Restore the color and beauty of your carpeting. Carpet that is cleaned professionally will look like it is new once again.

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Professional Costa Mesa Upholstery Cleaning Services

Our professional cleaning crew is highly-trained, skilled and ready to handle all sorts of upholstery cleaning, which includes upholstery for furniture, boats, RVs and vehicles. Plus, we can clean most draperies and mattresses.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Services Include:

• Deodorizing & Sanitizing
• Pre-Treatment for Heavily Soiled Upholstery
• Spot & Stain Removal
• Upholstery Steam Cleaning
• Water Extraction & Drying

Regardless of what kind of upholstery you have, we will be able to get it fully cleaned and sanitized bringing it back to like-new condition once again.


Although this is something that you may not realize, there is a lot of floor activity that happens on both the carpet and tile floors! You have pets which run on them, babies that crawl on them, kids that drop food and then eat it and of course friends and family that stare at them EVERY visit! We are not simply a tile and grout and carpet cleaning company.


Carpet Cleaning Costa Mesa: Rug Cleaning Services Include:

• Heavily Soiled Pretreatment Application
• Professional Spot & Stain Removal
• Steam Cleaning & Water Extraction
• Carpet cleaning Fontana CA
• Fine Oriental Rug Carpet Care

The Carpet Cleaning Costa Mesa technicians have the specialized training and skills necessary to take care of all rug types including Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, Tibetan rugs, Indian rugs, Turkish rugs and other beautiful area rugs. When it comes to cleaning and protecting your unique heirloom rugs, you can trust Carpet Cleaning Mesa to properly take care of your treasured rugs with the necessary care required to clean thoroughly, maintain and promote your rug’s value and life.

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Carpet Cleaning Costa Mesa: Tile & Grout Cleaning

If you have dirty and stained ceramic tile and grout, you can do it yourself, but it can be a lot of hard work. Carpet Cleaning Costa Mesa has effective cleaning products to get tile and grout cleaned and sanitized.

Carpet Cleaning Costa Mesa: Tile & Grout Cleaning Includes:

• Hard Surface Cleaning
• Carpet cleaning Culver City
• Grout Steam Cleaned
• Tile Sealing

Whether for your residence or your business, Carpet Cleaning Costa Mesa provides the very best carpet cleaning service to the entire Cost Mesa and Greater Los Angeles area for over a decade. Our competent carpet cleaning technicians are committed to providing superior cleaning services for all types of carpet, tiles, and upholstery. For more information or to schedule to get your free estimate give Carpet Cleaning Costa Mesa a call at (714) 482-6205, today.

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